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U.S. Army Patch - 10th Mountain Division Combat Service Identification

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United States Army 10th Mountain Division Combat Service Identification Badge Criteria: The Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB) identifies a U.S. Soldier's unique combat service with a specific Army unit. The CSIB is authorized for immediate use on the new dress blue Army Service Uniforms (ASUs), dress green Class A, Army Service Uniform Class B, and the transitioning (old) blue uniform. The CSIB is not authorized for wear on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) or the Army Green Uniform. Soldiers will continue to wear the Shoulder Sleeve Insignia/Former Wartime Service (full-color unit patch denoting service with a specific U.S. Army unit) on their right sleeve of the ACU and Army Green Uniform to denote combat service. The CSIB is worn centered on the right breast pocket for male Soldiers and on the right side - parallel to the waistline - for female Soldiers. Note: Combat Service Identification Badges are currently available for the units offered in our online store. If the CSIB for your unit does not appear on our site, please check back for updates and additions as the full complement of badges exit production and go into circulation. We update these product listings regularly as new CSIBs become available.

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